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On the way to our first MAST stroller, the M-One, we examined different projects, ingenious ideas and practical innovations. Some of them remained on trend, others did not. We have put all this experience into high-quality, practical and stylish strollers.

How it all began…

MAST is a young and  innovative brand that addresses parents’ needs for quality, practical functionality and design.

MAST is a brand owned by Haltho AG, a Swiss company founded by Thomas and Alessandro to distribute and produce baby products.

Thomas and Alessandro’s wealth of experience in this field, led to the launch of the first MAST stroller, M-One.

This made it possible to collect opinions and fundamental advice from parents. Thanks to this important feedbacks, the M.2 buggy and the M.4 stroller were then developed and have quickly become a success in the whole European area.

The appreciation of parents and their positive feedback our products keep our dedication alive. That’s why we are still working to improve our products still further, come up with new ideas and introduce new innovative and alternative solutions.

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