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Swiss design

On the way to our first MAST stroller, the M.1, we saw designs, ingenious ideas and practical innovations. Some remained on trend, others did not. We have put all this experience into practical, beautiful and high-quality strollers.
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How it all began…

MAST is a young, innovative company with its headquarters in Switzerland.Through many years of experience as a distributor, first of golf articles and later of strollers, the idea of an own brand was born.

Thomas, the founder of Haltho AG, has been working suc-
cessfully with Alessandro, the commercial agent for Italy, for
several years. Their shared motivation to create a stroller that meets your needs in terms of design, quality and price perfor-
mance prompted them to develop the M.1.

It was to be a stroller that is compact, beautiful and easy to use.
The M.1 was created, went into production and into the shops.

Thanks to feedback from our retailers and end customers, the M.1 was developed further and became the M.2.

The enthusiasm and positive feedback from all of them keeps us working on our products and developing new ideas. But of course we want to continue working on our products and developing new ideas.

Why makes things difficult when they can be easy?