Mast M2 Twin Connector

M.2 Twin Connector Set

One out of two

With the M.2 Twin Connector, you can connect two M.2 strollers and create a double stroller in just a few simple steps.
They connect quickly and securely through three connectors and a single double axle rear wheel.

This configuration allows you to install two car seats at the same time using the specific M.2 adaptors.

The M.2 double stroller folds and unfolds without the need to separate the two M.2 buggies.

Product overview

Three letter-coded connectors to guide the installment

Single double axle rear wheel

Easily folded and unfolded without separating the M.2 strollers

M.2 car seat adaptors not included

Width of the double stroller 91 cm

Mast TwinConector
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