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M.4 Bassinet

The M.4 Bassinet accommodates your baby by providing all the comfort needed. It is suitable from birth up to 9 kg or until your baby is 76 cm in length.
The M.4 Bassinet is comfortable, stylish and carefully designed. It can be easily installed on the M.4 frame without additional adaptors and the two-part mattress and the ventilated base ensure extra breathability.
The large canopy, with UV50+ certified sun protection, has a rear ventilation window and an extendable front visor to offer excellent protection from ultraviolet rays and ensure proper air flow. At the foot area, there is an external integrated pocket with UV mesh inside, which you can extend over the bassinet and easily attach to the canopy to provide your child with protection from the sun and light.

The mattress is composed of two different layers:

  • the first one is made up of an anti-suffocation foam with micro holes and it is slightly thicker in the head area. This is meant to reduce any problems newborns may have with breathing and reflux.
  • the second one is a 3-D honeycomb mesh (1 cm thick) to ensure breathability and air flow, so that your child can breathe and sleep even better.

    The inner lining of the bassinet is made of a soft, pleasant and breathable material.The bottom of the bassinet has a panel that can be opened to further increase air flow and reduce humidity.


    The stable connection between the bassinet and the frame avoids undesired swaying by providing the newborn with the best place to rest. Thanks to the memory button system, the bassinet can be easily taken off the pushchair frame with just one hand and can be safely carried.


    Product overview

    Ventilated base and canopy

    Two-part mattress

    UV 50+ certified sun protection

    Extendable front visor

    Memory button system

    Washable inner lining

    Mattress length 75 cm, width 30 cm

    Bassinet length 83 m, width 42 cm