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M.4 Your perfect everyday hero

The M.4 is your perfect everyday hero. Thanks to its easy handling, the large lying surface and its lightness, you can master all the challenges. Whether you are travelling in the city or in nature, thanks to its suspension and its big wheels you have an optimal riding feeling.

M.4 Bassinet

M.4 Bassinet

From the moment of the birth, your newborn is already comfortable with our M.4 bassinet.

The large hood, with UV50 + certified sun protection, has a rear ventilation opening and an extendable front visor to offer excellent protection from ultraviolet rays and to allow complete circulation of fresh air.

The M.4 baby carrycot is particularly comfortable, stylish and smart designed. Our bassinet floor and mattress offer extra ventilation to ensure extra breathability.

The perfect stroller for you and your child

Adjustable push handle

The push handle can be set in 4 different positions

Continuous belt system

They grow so fast…
With the infinitely adjustable belt system of the M.4, the belts can always be optimally adjusted
Mast M.4 Fussstütze

Indvidual adjustable footrest

Thanks to the individually adjustable footrest, the M.4 can also be used well for a nap under the suncanopy

Mast M.4

Storage space

Thanks to the large shopping basket of the M.4 you have enough space for purchases or what you need for the day

Mast M.4 Window

Always in view

Via the extra large viewing windows in the canopy and in the backrest of the seat you always have your child in view and they serve perfectly as air circulation on hot days

Large sun canopy

With our 4-way adjustable sun canopy, your child is always protected under a UV 50+ sunscreen                                     

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Functions, materials and quality


The textiles on the canopy, seat and the basket of the M.4 are made of 100 polyesters.

The push handle and the bumper bar are processed with imitation leather.

Frames and wheels

The frame of the M.4 is made of aluminium and the plastic parts are made of nylon.

The wheels are made of polypropylene (PP) and the tires are made of durable ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers (EVAC).

The M.4 stroller is produced according to EN certification.

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Technical data

Mast M4 offen
113 cm
96 cm
53 cm
Front wheels
7 Inch
Rear wheels
Mast M4 geschlossen
74 cm
32 cm
53 cm
8 kg
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