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The M.2
buggy weighs 5.9 kg

The M.4
stroller weighs 7.9 kg

On the M.4
stroller, the handlebar is adjustable.

On the M.2
buggy, it is not adjustable.

The M.2
buggy meets the IATA standard when fully folded with the handlebar and rear wheels off.
This standard is applied to hand luggage.
Depending on the airline, however, this can vary.
Please check with your airline before you fly.

It is approved from 0 months.

Yes, you can open the safety bar on both sides on both the M.2 and the M.4.

Maxi Cosi, Cybex, BeSafe and Nuna fit on the adapters.

On the M.2, it is located under the footrest.

On the M.4, it is ????

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